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Soap Boxing Poetry Slam - St. Paul, MN

Author Topic: Soap Boxing Poetry Slam - St. Paul, MN  (Read 5780 times)

Matthew Rucker

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Soap Boxing Poetry Slam - St. Paul, MN
« on: September 26, 2007, 12:48:41 PM »
Soap Boxing Poetry Slam - St. Paul
1st Monday of every month
The Artists' Quarter
408 St. Peter Street, St. Paul, MN 55102

Matthew Rucker - Slammaster
(612) 207-7991

Soap Boxing team selection process

Each Slam (One per month - September thru April) will be a qualifier*.
Each Slam will be open to anyone - who is over 18
(Up to ten poets may compete in a Slam, if more than ten sign up to compete - there will be a lotto draw to determine who competes, it is NOT first come first served)
* The Sept. - Dec. Slams will also be qualifiers for the Women of The World Poetry Slam in Chicago, IL March 27 - 29 2008. Any women who make the top three during these prelims will compete in January (as the side event) to see who earns their place at this event. (The winner must cover all of their own expenses associated with WOWPS)

The GRAND SLAM will be held on May 5th, 2008.
The Grand Slam will be reserved for the eight (8) poets who have collected the most points throughout the season (at Soap Boxing only)
Points are awarded based on placement and participation during qualifier Slams.

1st Place = 8 points
2nd Place = 4 points
3rd place = 2 points
Competing in a Slam = 1 point

**note** A poet must compete in at least two (2) qualifier Slams to be eligible to compete in the Grand Slam, regardless of how many points they have.

If there is a tie for the eighth spot, one more poet may compete.
If there are more than two poets tied for the 8th spot, there will be a Slam-off to determine who competes.
The Grand Slam will be a four (4) round Slam. All 8 poets will compete in the first round, and again in reverse order for the second round. The 6 poets with the highest cumulative scores will advance to the 3rd round with a ‘clean slate’ (their scores will go back to zero) and a random draw. They will then perform again in reverse order for the fourth round.
The winners will be the 4 poets with the highest cumulative scores from the 3rd and 4th rounds.
The top four winners of the Grand Slam will form the Soap Boxing Slam team.
The poet in fifth place will be an alternate and will join the team at Nationals if funding allows, but will not compete unless another team member is unable to perform.

The "TEAM" is the group of poets who will travel to Poetry Slam Nationals in Madison, WI in August 2008.

Should, due to any circumstances, a team member have to drop out of Nationals competition, the alternate will take that team member's spot, and the 6th place individual would then move into the alternate's spot - and so on. If for some disastrous reason, all or some of those who competed in the Grand Slam find themselves unable to compete at nationals and a four person team cannot be fielded - a new competition will be held, and the remainder of the team will be completed from the winners of this competition.

Soap boxing does not guarantee funding for travel, lodging, or any expenses associated with Nationals or Soap Boxing Slam related activities.

There is no guarantee that Soap Boxing will field a team to go to the National Poetry Slam or any other competition, or that even if a team is formed, it will qualify and/or be able to attend and/or compete in said events. In some instances, poets must be 21 or older to compete in Poetry Slam Nationals.