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[NEW VENUE] - VerseWorks in Columbia, SC Thunderclap

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[NEW VENUE] - VerseWorks in Columbia, SC
« on: September 17, 2007, 01:18:22 PM »
Hello everyone!

My name is Chris McCormick.  I'm still pretty new to slam, but some of you may know me from the 2006 Columbia, SC team or as an indie at this year's Southern Fried.

I have long thought about starting a venue, and with some recent changes in the Columbia scene now seems an opportune time.

We are setting up shop at the venerable Art Bar, the long-standing bastion of the arts scene in our fair city. Those of you who came to Southern Fried may remember when we migrated to the Art Bar at the last minute after a canceled Starbucks bout. 
Address: 1211 Park Street, downtown Columbia, SC

To start off, we're going to do the first and third Tuesday of every month, 8:30 - 10:30 pm.  Eventually, we'll look at expanding to more nights per month, or potentially having an all-ages venue on the off nights (the Art Bar is typically 21+).

The planned format is to have a feature on the first Tuesday and a slam on the third Tuesday, with an open mic every time.  The slam is currently planned for eight poets, but may expand depending upon the need.  Our first show on the 4th had about 30 people in attendance, and our first slam is tomorrow night.  Periodically we will have cash prizes for our slams.

Other stuff
- We're planning to field a team for next year's season, so wish us luck.
- We are going to try to get photos and video of each show.  Check out our pictures at
The video takes longer to process (I am just learning), but it will eventually show up at a VerseWorks YouTube account.  Right now some test files from the first show are here:
- No web site yet, give us a few weeks
- We are just starting to build our list of features for the year.  One of my main goals is to treat our features really well - get the word out, make sure we have a crowd, pay as well as we can, pass the hat, hype your product, etc.  Having said that, we certainly can't pay what some of the long-established venues can.  I think our first feature - Q from Charlotte - went really well, and he went away happy.  If you are willing to travel to Columbia, SC mid-week, give me a shout at mccormick1 [at]

I'll be reading a lot here and harassing people about all of the minutiae of starting and running a venue.  Feel free to offer any advice, especially about the money side: how much should we budget for regionals/nationals, what is an appropriate amount to pay incoming features, fund raising success stories, etc.  I am also dipping my toe in the A/V production side of it, and if any of you are doing a lot of web video I'd love to hook up with you.

Thanks for reading, and I am excited and proud to be joining those of you running venues.

Chris McCormick

mccormick1 [at]

PS: Many of you think of the Soul Therapy venue when you think of Columbia.  Poets such as Lady Laureate, Asaja Groove, Tavis Brunson and Exodus grew out of that venue.  They are still there, though they are going through a metamorphosis.  There are in fact about five good venues in the greater Columbia area for open mic poetry, and slam is spreading. There's a lot of cross-pollination going on.  I am pretty sure Soul Therapy will field a team next year as well.  We are honored to take this opportunity to help grow the scene together with them.   ;D


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Re: [NEW VENUE] - VerseWorks in Columbia, SC
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2007, 04:07:50 PM »
Peace and Blessings_

I heard many great things about the new poetry night and can't wait to get there to support you. Q really enjoyed himself!!!!

The Art Bar is an amazing space and will be a nice cozy poetry spot.

Call me if you need to (864) 980-1282 or email me at inkera@

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Re: [NEW VENUE] - VerseWorks in Columbia, SC
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2007, 02:00:50 PM »
Congratulations on the new venue.  Be sure to head on over to, register for a username and click on 'submit venue' to add it to the directory over there!  ;D
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Re: [NEW VENUE] - VerseWorks in Columbia, SC
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2007, 12:47:36 PM »
I added our venue on that site today. ;-)


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Re: [NEW VENUE] - VerseWorks in Columbia, SC
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2007, 01:49:19 PM »
I added our venue on that site today. ;-)

Congratulations on the new venue.

Our world poetry map should help drive audience your way as well:

Feel free to add to your email lists or to submit any burbs or writeups of features / events directly to us at this URL: