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andré michael bolten:
Right here at hellslam now there is an International Slammasters Forum. This forum is open to slammasters from all over the world to get to know each other, exchange ideas & get networking. Slammasters who want to join in, don't have to be members of a slam organization. This forum is about inclusion.

There also is an International Slams Archive in that section. And the PSI International Slam Committee will try to make this the biggest list with links to & contact information about slams ever. And it can be done quickly, if we get some support & help from all of you.

Please spread the news about this list. Tell every slammaster you meet to send an email to me, so I can contact them & ask them for the info on their slam to be added to the list.

And here is to all the travelling poets !

If you want to set up a tour, ask your slammaster to join the forum, copy the info you need & send it your way. Or shot me an email & I will do it.

Let's Roll !

slam bam, thank you gang,

andré michael bolten

Moderator of the International SlamMasters Forum
Chairman of the PSI International Slam Committee
Moderator of Slamily, the newsgroup of the german speaking countries
Slammaster & host MAULGETROMMEL First Düsseldorf Poetryslam,
monthly since september 1996
Oh yes, one more :  poet, percussionist, storyteller


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