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Vancouver's selection process

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Vancouver's selection process
« on: August 23, 2007, 11:58:06 PM »
here's how we roll "up North" in canada eh.

we have a full season that starts in september and runs till april.
first and third mondays of the month are qualifying slams.
at each slam every poet entered reads once and is judged by 5 judges etc by standard PSI rules.
the top five poets advance to a second round where they read a second poem(subject to standard PSI rules-naturally)
the scores from the first round are added to the second round which gives us a top five for the night based on the cumulative scores.
we record the rank and the score
for every qualifying slam.
your highest rank and highest score in that rank during the season is the one we use for you.
we arrange all the firts place poets from high to low till we are out of first place poets then we go to second place poets arrnaged high to low in the same manner.
we do this until we have 16 poets from our highest 1st place finisher to our lowest second place finisher-in the event we haven't filled up our 16 slots after exhausting the 1st and second place brackets we go to the highest third place finishers until we have those 16 slots practice we don't usually get far into the third place bracket before those slots are filled.a 1st place finish will guarantee you a slot in the playoffs and a second place one is likely to.a high third and you tend to be on the bubble.
if for any reason someone is unable to participate in playoffs and must be dropped we just pull up the next perosn in line in the according bracket.
once we have 16 poets arranged from 1st to 16th in this manner we take the odds-# 1 # 3 #5 and so on and they form one playoff bracket of eight.
the evens form the other.if someone can't make their scheduled playoff and notifies us of this we do a swap between them and someone from the other bracket to ensure two groups of eight.
these are the semi finals.
at each semi final each of the eight poets reads twice.
highest cumulative score wins.
top four advance to finals from each bracket.
where the final eight once again all read twice.
top four is the team.
a no repeat rule is in effect during the playoffs-although not the regular season.
this means that to qualify for the van slam team you must have at least four original poems that score high enough to place you in the top four in both playoff rounds you are in.
and given that the playoffs tend to be comprised of people who score in the top two and maybe at the outside three in any given regular season slam-this system does tend to be a solid proving ground for poets bound for NPS.
in the event that an alternate is required we go down the list of cumulative scores in the playoffs-finals first.
so for example- if for some freakish reason all four poets who made the team couldn't be on the team we'd replace them with the four beneath them in the standings.
if for some doubly freakish reason we exhausted all those poets and tsill didn't have a four person squad we'd look at who scored what rank and what score in the semis.
this would give us
two fifth place
two 6th place and so on.
arranged in their brackets by high to low score.
so the first person called upon in this (highly unlikely-but guarded against) situation would be the highest fifth place finisher in the semis as surely as the first person called upon to be alternate in the (most likely )situation of one of the final four dropping off the team would be the 5th place finsher in finals.
In the event that all sixteen poets who performed in playoffs cannot be somehow compose through this process into a four person team the local van slam orgainzers have emotional breakdowns ;) and convene an emergency mtg to decide what must be done.
in all likelihood a last chance slam would be staged to fill the final slots.
may it never come to this.
toward ensuring that it never does starting this year all poets eligible for playoff will be informed of their duties in the event of making the team-including ensuring that they are able to travel across the border freely-should they be unable or unwilling to perform those duties and know this prior to playoffs they are obligated to make this known prior to playoffs to the van slam officials who will then,prior to playoffs beginning make sure that the slot/s are filled by people who are capable and willing to fullfill all team the standard high to low 1st place bracket,second place bracket third place bracket and so on.
if need be-and i pray it never is-we could do this till we'd exhausted the 5th place bracket to come up with 16 of our top available poets to compete in finals.
if we had to reach outside that bracket....
i give up.
seriously tho' in that event we'd proably have an emergency mtg and stage a last chance slam if required.if we had 15 poets and not sixteen we'd proably just go with one bracket of 7 and one of 8.
in the event that a poet fails to show for their semi and/or finals round they are dqed.
if that is a semi and we have poets "on the bubble" in attendance they are given the slot.
if that is the finals we may or may not fill the slot-if we fill the slot we fill it with the highest place fifth place poet on down.provided they are in attendance and the slammaster makes that call.

hope that makes it clear.
any questions about it backchannel me at ms_spelt


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Re: Vancouver's selection process
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2007, 12:03:21 AM »
to clarify-the "highest 5th place poet" that may be called upon to fill in the finals is the highets fith place poets from semis.
there would be two of them-one form each semi.
and two 6th and so forth.
ms spelt