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Austin, TX / Ego's

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Austin, TX / Ego's
« on: August 22, 2007, 10:29:27 AM »
Austin Poetry Slam
Ego's Lounge
510 S. Congress
Every Wednesday night, 8 pm

Weekly Slam format: 

12 poets in the slam, three rounds.  Cut to 6 for second round, 3 for final round.  All rounds are clean slate, rounds two and three are low to high from previous round scores.  Break between first and second round. Five judges, standard slam rules and time limit.  $100 in cash prizes divided 50/30/20 between top three. 

Season format:

Season divided into four quarters of equal (or as close as we can get it) length.  Poets earn points towards the season with their participation / success at the slam (at Ego's plus other special event slams held at other locations, if they fit the proper format and are open to all):

1st place = 7 points
2nd place = 5 points
3rd place = 3 points
everyone who slams (plus the host for the night) = 1 point

A quarterfinal slam is held at the end of each quarter.  Top eight point totals from that specific quarter are invited (and we go down the list until the field is filled if someone from top 8 can't make it).  If ties for 8th, we take all the poets who are tied for 8th and have a bigger field. Quarterfinals are two rounds cumulative, then top two poets return for one poem head-to-head death match.  Scoring works like tiebreaker rule at NPS.

Winner of the quarterfinal is in our Team Slamoff, as well as our iWPS slamoff.  Everyone else goes "back in the pool"

So, four people earn their way into the slamoff(s) with quarterfinal wins.  For everyone else, point totals for the season as a whole are added up and the top 12 poets are invited for one Super-Semifinal at the end of the season.  Top six poets from that slam fill out the field for the team selection slamoff. **

Slamoff is two rounds cumulative, period.  We do our slamoff at the Paramount and focus our attention on making a short, kickass show (including an opening showcase) for that large audience. 


** = to pick our iWPS rep, we take the list of the top ten qualifiers at that point using season totals to date and hold a slamoff based on those numbers.