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Killeen Poetry Slam (Rhyme or Die) Thunderclap

Author Topic: Killeen Poetry Slam (Rhyme or Die)  (Read 5885 times)


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Killeen Poetry Slam (Rhyme or Die)
« on: August 21, 2007, 11:01:35 AM »
The rules for Killeen slam

The season is from august  thru May . Killeen Poetry Slam is an open competition. Each slam will have a maximum of 12 poets. So anyone who wishes to compete should sign up as early as possible.

1) No poem can be repeated from slam to slam. The only time a poem can be repeated is in the Slam off Finals for the Slam Team.

 {Example: If a poet performs a poem called “kiss and Tell” in slam1, that poem cannot be repeated unless the poet makes it to the Finals for the slam team.}

2) Each poet must be a registered member of PSI to compete in NPS

3) In case of a tie poets will duel head to head. The judges will vote for a poet the poet with the most votes wins.
Poets competing in Killeen poetry slams will earn points toward a chance to compete for the Killeen Poetry Slam Team.

4 points…..1st Place
3 points.….2nd Place
2 point…….3rd Place
1 point…….4th place and all other poets who compete.

The top 12 poets with the most points will be invited to the Finals for the Slam Team. The top 4 poets will be on the  Killeen Poetry Slam team. The 5th paced poet is not guarantied  a spot on the slam team.

If a poet drops out or can not make NPS then the alternate poets will be chosen at the slammaster discretion.

 A additional coach can be chosen at the slam master discretion, but the coach dose not have to be a performing member of the Killeen poetry slam team.

For additional information or to confirm dates and location email or call 254-319-6594 or check out our website

(We will have a slam off for Iwps and WOWPS spots but poets should know that they will be paying out of pocket for most if not all of these events)

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