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Synopsis of the 2012 Final

I haven't been able to keep up with 2012 updates here due to a hectic year of out-of-town work and computer issues. I didn't know how much I relied on the desktop or laptop until I was without one. The laptop is still dead, but the desktop finally rebelled against the dominance of the reliably frustrating Microsoft  OS with it's gradual yet inevitable system...... s...l...o...w...d...o...w...n. So I switched to Linux. It's free, but has it's own issues. I've gone through innumerable installations of Ubuntu, PClinux OS, and finally settled on the Ubuntu based Linux Mint. So far, so ok. It's not as buggy as Ubuntu, but seems to freeze up for no apparent reason.

While out of town working, my designated assistant Slammaster didn't keep as thorough of a record as I like. Suffice it to say the winners of the 2012 Houston Slam Team Grand Slam Final held in early February WERE: 1st. Savannah Blue, 2nd Brother Said. 3rd Karega Ani. 4th Softly Spoken and Black Blues is our alternate as usual. 

BUT in keeping with long standing Houston slam team tradition - Softly Spoken was removed from the team in late April. Karega Ani left the team in early May.  For those of you dying to know, we will keep you posted

For those of you dying to know, my computer is working's an update:

1. Malcolm Jackson a.k.a SPEAK, became the newest member of the Houston Slam Team as the result of a alternates slam held in April.

2. Ashley Netorize bexane the newset member of the Houston Slam Team as the result of an alternate slam held in May.

3. Loyce Gyo replaced Ashley as a result of an alternate Slam held July 4th.

The 2012 Houston Slam Team is Savannah Blue, Brother Said, Black Blues, Speak, and Loyce Gyo.

See you at Nationals. Probably our last Nationals for at least a couple of years. 


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