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Berkeley Poetry Slam Thunderclap

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Berkeley Poetry Slam
« on: August 19, 2007, 12:41:51 AM »
Berkeley Slam Selection Process

POETS!  The Berkeley Team wants YOU!

Here’s how to qualify:  Write great poetry.  Compete in the regular weekly Open Slams.  Play nice.  Finish in the top 16 at the end of our season, and you’ll be invited to our Semi-Finals.  Finish in the top four at Semi’s, then again in Finals, and you get a paid trip to Nationals!  Our “Team Season” usually begins in October, and that’s when we start keeping track of points. 

You earn points by finishing in the top five at any qualifying slam.  Win = 5pnts, 2nd = 4pnts, 3rd = 3pnts, ect.  Standings are posted every week.  At the end of our season, usually in May, the top 16 poets (including ties) advance to our Semi-Finals. 

Anyone who wins a slam (and the $100), may NOT repeat the poems they used to win that slam during the rest of the Team Season.  Poets may later reuse ANY poem for Semi’s and Finals.  No repeats during Semi's and Finals, however.

We have two Semi’s, and the top 16 poets are divided by rank between them.   Poets with odd-number rankings (#1, 3, 5, 7...) compete first.  Poets with even-number rankings compete the next week.  Each Semi-Final is three full rounds, winner determined by cumulative score.

   The top four poets from each Semi-Final (eight total) will advance to the Finals.  There will be three full rounds.  Poets are NOT allowed to repeat any poem used during the Semi’s, so you need 6 poems (plus any tie-breakers) to make the team.

"Team" is defined as the four top ranked Poets from the Berkeley Finals who agree to the terms and conditions of our Team Contract for the purpose of competing as a member of the Berkeley Slam Team at the National Poetry Slam and any other associated competitions and fundraisers.

"Alternate" is defined as a Poet who fills in for any Poet absent from The Team in competitions, fundraisers, or events.  An Alternate may be accepted into The Team, but must be the next highest ranked Poet from the Berkeley Poetry Slam Finals, and/or Semi-Finals, who can fulfill the position's obligations.  Should an emergency arise, should qualified Alternates be unavailable, and if event rules allow, an Alternate may be appointed.  The Team Coach may, at his/her discretion, choose an unaffiliated poet to act as Alternate for a gig or tournament, but only if to do otherwise would mean the loss of said gig or tournament.  The appointed Alternate will have full rights as a team member during the event, including a share of any winnings or earnings.

Team members are expected to participate in weekly rehearsals until the Nationals, compete in several local competitions.  Since the team is open to any poet who qualifies, and since our slam is so diverse and well attended, you may have to work with strangers and difficult personalities.  This is not a team for folks who just want a free trip!  Plan on working hard.  There are several good reasons why poets may be dropped from our team, including missing rehearsals and getting in fights.  All those details are described in our Team Contract, which can be provided by request.

   The Berzerkeley Slam is held every Wednesday at the Starry Plough.  3101 Shattuck, near Ashby BART.  (510) 841.2082  Get there by 7:30 pm to sign up.

Berkeley SLAM Rules:

#1: Have Fun! 
Compete to uplift, not defeat.  Leave your ego at the door.
"The point is not the points, the point is poetry!"

#2: Poems
1original poem per round, under 3 min.
Ten-sec grace period (3:10), then 0.1 penalty per 0:01.
Time begins at first utterance!

#3: Content 
Any content, any style.
One possible bonus point first round only.
No music.  Singing is OK.  No Costumes or Props.
Poems used to win $100 may not be repeated until Semi's.
Team pieces are allowed, IF all poets perform both rounds.
Team pieces do not count toward Poet Standings.

#4: Judging 
5 judges selected from audience by lottery. 
Poems judged on 1-10 scale with tenths. 
High and low scores are dropped. 
Poets can be disqualified for attitude.  If you can't shake
    hands afterwards, somebody's got a bad attitude.
Ties are broken by "Sudden Death Haiku"
Audience choice winner goes to Round 2 regardless of score.

#5: Heckling 
Good-natured heckling from the Audience and Judges is 
    great, but intimidation is not only rude,  it's weak.

If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to ask anyone hosting the show, or write: voluptuary @ hotmail. com


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Re: Berkeley Poetry Slam
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2007, 12:52:42 AM »
Currently, our IWPS representative is determined by a separate Indi championship held in December, with exactly the same rules as our Team Finals.  Top-ranked poets are invited into a 3-round competition, top poet who can fulfill our contract goes to IWPS.  Alternates are selected sequentially from those who are next in line from the Indi Finals who can fulfill our contract.