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Columbus - Writers' Block

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Columbus - Writers' Block
« on: August 17, 2007, 01:36:03 PM »
Taken directly from our website, with notes to follow for upcoming changes:

1) Qualifying slams will be held during the regularly advertised slams on the usual Writers' Block Poetry slam night. 

Writers' Block Slam Seasons
NPS season: January - April; Grand Slam in May
WoW season: June - August; Grand Slam in August
iWPS season: September - November; Grand Slam in December

All poets entering a slam for the purposes of team contention will be asked if their participation in that slam is to be considered for contention. 

Poets who sign up for contention will be awarded points for placing in the top 4 places:
- 4 points for 1st
- 3 points for 2nd
- 2 points for 3rd
- 1 point for 4th.

If they do not wish to be considered for the team/iWPS at that time, they will be awarded no points during that slam regardless of where they place.  Points will not be retro-actively awarded at any time, though points will slide down to the next rank if a 1-4 placed poet doesn't vie for national slam contention. Points are not awarded to poets who do not make it to a point-earning round, regardless of slide.

Example:  If a poet placed 2nd in a slam but is not vying for team/slot consideration then they will be awarded no points for that placement at any time (even if you wish to be considered for team qualification at a later date), and their points slide down to the 3rd place winner. 
Also, if the 4th place winner in a slam is not vying for team/slot consideration, their point may slide down to the 5th place poet vying for contention in the last round, but not to a vying poet who was cut in a preceding round. The point(s) are simply lost. If you can't get to the last round, you don't get the points.

The top 8 poets with the highest accumulation of points from their respective slam seasons will be put in a pool of candidates for their respective Grand Slam.

2) There is no minimum age or experience requirement.  All people are welcome to slam for the team.

3) Team members will likely have weekly meetings on dates determined by the coach of the team.  These meetings, if scheduled, are mandatory.  Poets who miss meetings or other team requirements may be replaced.  If replacements are necessary, they will be handled by the score placement of remaining poets in the candidate pool as can be reasonably accomodated.

4) NPS / iWPS / WoW reps will be expected to participate in fundraisers as deemed necessary by their coach and/or SlamMaster..

5) Poets will have to be able to clear about a week of time for Nationals (usually early August), and about 4 days for iWPS (early February) and WoW (October).

6) Any poet who wants to oversee their own travel and/or hotel accommodations needs to make this course of action clear within the two weeks following their acceptance onto the team.  The budget will have been decided by this point and if they wish to be removed from aspects of the budget it is a personal decision and will be respected.  However, putting them back into the budget after the initial 2 weeks will not be possible and could lead to removal from the team based on circumstances.

7) Poets need not be Columbus residents (though not being a Columbus resident puts you at risk of missing team requirements, which might result in removal from the team).

8) Poetry Slam Inc. (PSI) - the organization that oversees the NPS every year - has made the signing of video/audio release forms mandatory to participate. What this means: If you don't want PSI to have the rights to video/audio footage they compile of you at NPS/iWPS then you don't want to try out for the team or these slots.

9) Once you slam with a poem for NPS / iWPS / WoW contention you are not allowed to slam with that poem again in a contention slam until the Grand Slam for that team/iWPS slot. If you make it to any of the Grand Slams you may repeat poems as you see fit, but not before then.  This is our "No Repeat" rule.
Yes, you may repeat a poem in an NPS season for contention in and iWPS or WoW season of the same year, and vice-versa.

Some notes:
- This reflects a schedule with WOWPS still in fall and IWPS still in spring.  This will be changed soon to reflect the new schedule.
- We are likely to institute a no-repeat rule for the entire season of an event's contention, Grand Slams included.