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Sorry, one more thing...

The procedural order of how a change to the bylaws takes place is:

Change to bylaw gets proposed to EC. If EC approves change, then recommended change is put to approval by SM council at either the spring or summer meeting. Once it passes the SM council, it is then put to vote at the annual Slam Family (SF) meeting.

Even though this forum is currently set up for discussion and suggestion of changes to bylaws, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew how it works so that when they don't see the changes to bylaws happening for a year there is no question as to why that is.

Actually, the approval process can happen in any order, but all three have to approve. Some past bylaws proposals have passed one or two bodies and failed to pass the third, thus, they do not get adopted.

Just a reminder: the bylaws here are NOT up to date. I've been meaning to update them to reflect the most up to date version.

But when I downloaded a copy of the most up to date bylaws from the online store, they were in PDF format, so I couldn't copy and paste the text of the up to date bylaws here. I didn't have the time or patience to figure out why. Adobe has a "convert to text" application, but it wasn't working for me.

If somebody among the powers that be here would update the bylaws here, it would be much appreciated.

Here they are in the most recent version. I am not clear on Article III, Sec 4. Have all bodies passed an amendment to make replacement of EC members automatic?

Don't know about the amendment. But thanks for the download.


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