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Ear Candy: The Normal Poetry Slam Selection Process Thunderclap

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Aaron Enskat

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Ear Candy: The Normal Poetry Slam Selection Process
« on: August 17, 2007, 02:36:37 AM »
Ear Candy:  The Normal Poetry Slam
2nd and 4th Wed of the month between Sept and May (dependent on the students schedule)
The Coffeehouse
114 E. Beaufort St, Normal, IL, 61761

The Selection Process for Normal has changed a bit for the upcoming season, and is as follows:

1.  Performers will acquire points throughout the Slam season.

2.  It takes a total of 10 points to qualify for the Slam Off.

3.  The Slam portion of the show consists of two rounds.  The first round, everyone signed up for the show reads and is judged by three random audience members.   
     The top two scores then end the show with an impromptu Head to Head Haiku Death Match based on a spurious topic of dubious origin...

4.  First Place in the Slam earns 5 points.  Second Place accepts 3 points.  Anyone who slammed gets 1 point, and is happy for it!

5.  The second show of each month is a Themed Slam.  It is not required that you write a poem that fits the theme, but if one chooses to, then they recieve 1 bonus
     point to their Qualification Total.  We feel it is important to constantly foster the writing process, and reward literary daring accordingly.

6.  Furthermore, anyone who is involved with the show that night (Open Mic'ers, Features, Mandolin Players, Gamma Phi Acrobatics, Hosts/Guest Hosts {by which we
     mean MC's/Guest MC's}, or any other possible performance our lovely lil scene can muster) also gains 1 point towards qualifying for the Team Finals.  Our justification 
     for this is that anyone involved in making our show happen is important to the show itself, and giving them the chance to try out for the team at the end of the year
     is a bonus we will gladly offer to anyone who is consistently setting aside their time and talent towards making Normal the slam that everyone seems to enjoy so much.

7.  Everyone with 10 points can be in the final.  Depending on how many qualify and then show up will change the way we run that particular show (of course, meaning
     the Slam-Off), but it will be an endgame for those who have earned their way onto the stage, and at least two rounds of official competition in that delicious slammy
     setting we all know and love will occur, and four people will stand triumphant at the end, secure in the knowledge that finallly, they have proven that their art is
     quantifiably, if not qualitatively, better.

8.  In the unlikely instance that less than ten people acquire the necessary points to try out for the team, then the finals will include those with 9 overall points.  Then 8. 
     And so on and so forth ad naseaum amen.  A minimum of ten will try out, unless there are less than ten people that care or are inclined towards such beautifully
     abstract silliness.  Then we will do our best to make sure that the ones that do show up have to struggle mightily to reach that heady plateau of victory, or the
     slightly less heady plateaus of first to third runners up of victory.

I sincerly hope that this is transparent enough.  If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or quibbles, please contact our lovely and vivacious Slammaster, Aaron Enskat, at his earliest possible convenience.