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San Antonio PuroSlam
« on: August 13, 2007, 04:10:33 PM »
San Antonio's PuroSlam
Every tuesday night
Sam's Burger Joint
330 E. Grayson, San antonio, Tx 78215 or


Are you interested in trying out for the 2008 PuroSlam Nationals team? Thatís right, I said 2008. The 2007 PuroSlam was determined this past April and those poets are currently working out and preparing themselves for the Nationals Showdown this August in Austin. But guess what? Weíre already starting the selection process for the 2008 team.

Since PuroSlam has no shame, we are a) borrowing or b) stealing the Qualifying Point System that the Austin Poetry Slam uses to determine its annual team (with some slight changes). Simply put, poets now earn points every time they slam, use those points to qualify for Semis, use Semis to qualify for Finals, use Finals to make the team, and then use the team to become rich and famous and get your face on a Wheaties box.

And guess what? We start counting points in May!

At each weekly slam, poets can earn points based on the following formula:
1st place = 5 points
2nd place = 4
3rd place = 3
4th place= 2 (this applies to Semi Final bouts only; see below)
Everyone else who slams that night = 1

1 In the event of a tie, both poets are awarded the points for the higher place, i.e. if two poets tie for first, they both get 5 points.

2 Poets who make the third round do not receive the 1 point for participating, i.e., a poet who wins a slam gets 5 points, not 6.

Semi Finals
Semi Finals are for the top 10 scoring poets in the months prior to that specific Semi Final (see Calendar below). The top two placing poets in each Semi Final round advance to Finals.

Each Semi Final slam will consist of 3 rounds: round one-cut to six; second round, cumulative, cut to 4; a clean slate final round.

At the conclusion of the fourth and final Semi-Final round, the two poets who did NOT qualify for Finals AND who have the highest cumulative point total based on Semi Finals rounds only will be awarded the first and second positions in Finals.
Example: Jon and Jane read in all four Semi Final slams but do not earn a spot in Finals. Jon took 3rd place in each Semis for a total of 12 points, while Jane took 4th in each Semis for a total of 8 points. Having the two highest point totals of Semi Final poets who did not qualify, Jon and Jane earn the 2nd and 1st reading positions in Finals, respectively.

In the Case of a Tie: A one poem tie breaker to be performed immediately after the fourth Semis, or if both poets are not present, immediately before Finals.

The PuroSlam is using a calendar that is not balanced, equal, reasonable, aligned with the moon, the stars, or the Post Office. You are responsible for knowing it.

First Period: May thru August- Semi Finals I: 1st Tuesday of September
Second Period: September thru October: Semi Finals II: 1st Tuesday of November
Third Period: November thru January: Semi Finals III: 1st Tuesday of February
Fourth Period: February thru March: Semi-Finals IV: 1st Tuesday of April

***All points return to 0 after each Semi Finals. Yes, you must start over every time.
The 2nd Tuesday of April.

4 poets, 1 alternate will make the team.

10 poets compete. 3 rounds. Cut to 8 after round one. Cut to 6 after round two, based on cumulative. We wipe the slate clean in round three and the top 4 take it.

NO REPEAT RULE: If you were a member of a previous PuroSlam team in any year from 2000-2007, you may NOT read a poem that you previously read in a team finals.  and yes, Shaggy has  a list of every poem read so.....

There are 2 conditions: Poets must meet the following to qualify for finals....

1) Attend 8 slams between May and the end of March

2) Qualify for Finals through the Point System

CONFUSED? I donít blame ya. Just remember, the more you come to slam, the more points youíll have, and the better your chances of making the team.

Email Shaggy at with questions.


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Re: San Antonio PuroSlam
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2007, 05:28:13 PM »
 5th place Finals poet is the ALTERNATE- and will be included in all pre-Nats activities but will only compete at NATS if one of the first four poets bows out or is kicked to the curb with a boot
6th place Finals poet is ALTERNATE #2 and only comes into play if the first alternate is added to the team after one of the first four poets bows out or is kicked to the curb with a boot; barring the bowing out or the kicking to the curb, the #2 Alternate only gets to dream