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If You are a Slammaster and Don't see the Slammaster's forum... [UPDATED]

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While I am administrator of the forum, I do not know who is the current Slammaster of record for any given city.  Abby Ehn has that information, and AmyD provides the proper access levels.  We are working on a way to link this to your membership automatically, but until then you need to request access.

You must be logged in to the forum.

Click HERE

You will see a list of "Available Groups" with links to request membership. Click request membership on the Slammasters group.

In the request, please put your name, Slam Name, and location in that thread. Like this:

--- Code: ---Slammaster: Erik Daniel (aka StageName)
Slam Name: Ann Arbor Poetry Slam
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
--- End code ---

Put your legal name there and your stage name, the requests are not public.

Once that is done, and email will automagically be sent to AmyD, and she will confirm your status and give you access.

If you have questions or problems, post here.


Thank you, Erik for updating & moving this thread.

Can I be given permission to the slammaster forum? I've done everything in this thread.

You should have it now.

I have searched for the list of 'Available Groups' to send a request to be added to the Slam Master's forum.  I do not see it anywhere on here.  Can anyone please redirect me?


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