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Hello to everyone and committees I volunteered to serve on...

I was injured at my job... (head, neck, spine)...been recuperating...

Would someone send me an e-mail regarding the point person(s) in charge of putting the program together and updating the venues on the PSI site... other sites that this info should be posted? Last year, we sent several e-mails before the deadline to the PSI site and those in charge of putting the program together and the Detroit Team was not listed in the program, nor were the venue changes made. Also Kalimah Johnson, Slammaster of the Meetery Eatery has informed me that she sent a couple of e-mails to get the Detroit Slam Venues updated on the PSI site and the changes have not been made yet.

Detroit had its finals on May 14th at the HockeyTown Cafe.


The 2004 Detroit Team Members are:
Versiz, Rhapsody, Dee, Ben and Cassie.
Matt Toth will be the 5th person if a team member drops out before August.

Coaches: Aurora, Yvette, Kalimah, Legacy and Christina


Versiz: Played the Verb in School House Rock Cartoons, is Hooked on Phonics and currently on leave from Re-hab to Slam.

Rhapsody: Walked on water from Toledo to be the storm poet of the Century...

Dee: Rides rollercoasters to slam rehearsals when her bumper car is in the shop...

Ben:  Stunt double for Angela Basset, writer of all Stevie Wonder's songs, currently working as Marilyn Manson's gynocologist...

Cassie: General air head, all around not founder of the Mulatto Revolution, Co-Founder of the Power Puff Movement

Matt: Spits poetry to Homeland Security in an effort to unite the world at the Detroit/Windsor border...

Aurora: Code Name-Ann E Mayshun
Legacy-The Fifth Wonder of the Universe
Kalimah- Pics Naps Weekly-Rocks Locks-Spits on the side
Yvette: Get_Christie_Love doubles as Black Becky on Poetry Board Meetings, plans to levitate...
Christina: Code name: Letz Git Bizzy

Detroit Venues:  

Camillian Cafe:  Certified and Registered
300 Monroe, Detroit MI 313 964-4815 Open Mic and Slam every Thursday@ 8:30 pm until close,  
SlamMaster Aurora Harris-313 598-9440
Co-Slammaster: Cassie Poe
$3.00 door  $5.00 to slam  

Meetery Eatery:  Certified and Registered
5408 Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI 313 758-0136
Open Mic and Slam Every Friday @ 7:30pm until close
SlamMaster: Kalimah Johnson
$5.00 cover

Redd Apple Gallery: Certified and Registered
227 Iron Street Ste 116  Detroit, MI  313 567-0712
Gallery owner: Katrina Redd
SlamMaster (interim) Aurora Harris
New Slammaster: Chauntay "Legacy" Leonard


From December- January: World Voice Cultural Arts Inc (a non-profit; Aurora Harris, CEO and Slammaster, sponsoring organization);  venue operators and poets in Detroit , created a Slam Committee for the purpose of organizing and training venues and poets on how to run a slam; so that Detroit could send a team to the nationals.  Detroit had 7 venues which covered the northwest, midtown, downtown and east side of metro detroit, working to get slam up and running ...

Feb-April:  Out of 4 registered and certified venues, 3 are up and running and will act as a group of venues to make one team... This year's host venue is Cammillian Cafe... Next year it may be the Meetery Eatery or Redd Apple Gallery...

The Key Club under SlamMaster Sparrow was Registered and Ceritfied, However, the Key Club closed sometime in April. Sparrow has moved to another venue.

Redd Apple Gallery: The slammaster left shortly after the venue was registered. Aurora stepped as interim Slammaster,  to train the venue and hosts to run slam. At this time, Chauntay Legacy Leanard has expressed interest in being the SlamMaster for that venue.

please contact aurora at 313 598-9440 or send e-mail to or contact the Slammasters through their e-mails and contact numbers provided



Get well soon!



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