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Listed below are the PSI membership benefits per which level.  These are listed for your information and consideration should you decide to become a member of PSI (or upgrade your membership):

$20 NPS Basic
NPS & iWPS Participation
Voting rights in Slam Family Meetings
1st time members receive a novelty poetic license & a "Certificate of Slambership" for framing
Access to online membership forum(s) - and the "members only" area of
Bi-Annual e-newsletter
Discounts for Poetry Cross-Training Conference
Purchase Souvenir Bout Video of their choice[/list]

$35 Associate Member
All Basic Membership Benefits
Ability to sell products in PSI store @ low consignment rate
$50 Booster
All associate membership benefits, plus
FREE souvenir video of your choice
$100 Sustainer
All Booster membership, plus
FREE anthology or option to have your page on "Poet's Gallery" (provided they have product to sell.)
$500 Patron
All Sustainer membership benefits, plus
1 FREE all-events pass to your choice of PSI-Competition (NPS, iWPS, WOW Poetry Slam)
$1,000 Benefactor
All of the above plus an additional free all-access pass (total of two) to PSI Competition (NPS, iWPS, WOW Poetry Slam) and your name listed in the NPS Program same year as your donation.

Billy T:
"Bi-Annual e-newsletter..." Have never seen this and have been a member since 2004...

"Purchase Souvenir Bout Video of their choice..." Please explain this.

Yeah, maybe we need to switch up some of those benefits given that we haven't had a newsletter in years.  And I didn't even know about those free souvenir videos.  Hmmm.


The basic membership is $20 now.

Couldn't edit the thread. But yes, basic membership is now $20.00.


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