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I don't know which part of this story is most insane



Of course, this kid is a creative writing major.

This story bothers me for several reasons:
That he's a creative writing major and he's paying $31,000 A YEAR tuition. What are they giving out, personal gold-plated Ginsburgs?!
He'll be paying off those loans in his next two lifetimes (whether or not they make a book or movie out of this).
That ANYONE would pay $31,000 A YEAR tuition.
That on top of everything else he's doing, he works FOUR jobs. When does he get time to even think about things to write about or do his homework?
How come his friends didn't take turns letting him sleep on the couch and take showers?
I can't tell if he's creating his own drama, or if things really are this bad.


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