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A little news about Poet-in-Exile

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that little shit's been busy...

from the listserv:

--- Quote ---Congratulations to Team Cantab 2004!!!
* Eric Darby
* Simone Beaubien
* Samantha Jane
* Adam Stone
* Ansel Appleton

--- End quote ---

and what a big bunch-o' congratulations it is!!!

We can exile poets?

I see you haven't MET Eric Darby yet.

It wouldn't be a Swinkey compliment without an obscenity along the way. Don't worry, Mike- if you make the AA team, I'll call you a shit too. :lol:
But seriously- thanks. And I finally figured out the secret to winning a Grand Slam title: move to someplace where Matt Ernst ISN'T.

I am qualified for Lizard Lounge and Worcester semi's also, but have committed to going with the Cantab. With the new format, odds are better than ever that I'll get to face at least one of the Michigan teams. I say: Bring it.  :twisted:

This is probably also a good place to remind all you Ann Arbor folks how much Deb Marsh kicks ass. Yes, you already know that Deb kicks some ass, but I don't know if you all comprehend the magnitude of her ass kicking. Four of the six poems I read between semi's and finals were ones Deb coached me on last year. I only won the finals by margin of 0.8 (they do a cumulative, four round finals!). I think any one of my performances would have been 0.8 lower without Deb's help.

She's good. Even if she still doesn't believe that 'skun' is a word, she's good.


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