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here I was all ready to take a break from the dog slam, get ready semifinals and we had to go and schedule Mike McGee...

goddamnit, now i've GOTTA be there.

I AM SO EXCITED MIKE MCGEE IS COMING TO ANN ARBOR!!!!  When I saw this I nearly fell out of my chair.  We should advertise for this in a big way, really fill the house.  Mike is so awesome!  I can't wait!!!!


Mike just came through Boston- his Cantab feature was great.
He's badass.
He has haikus about fisting.

Not all three of those things are related.

I spoke extensively with Mike this past weekend and we are working out a date for him to come.  He told me he is committed to coming to Ann Arbor and I am committed to getting him here.  It might be in May, or it might be after NPS, but we are going to try our hardest to make this happen.

For those of you even close to Minneapolis - Mike McGee features here on Tuesday, May 11.  It's an open slam - prizes for poets that beat out our slam team members in the SLAM AGAINST THE SLAM TEAM.


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