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Fo Shizzle! Hip-Hop and Poetry Collide!


I cannot stop laughing. I am embarrassing other people in my place of employment. I may soil myself soon.

This is f'ing beautiful:

Go to
Type in in the little window.
Make sure you have extra Depends.
Hit enter.

Repeat with other websites. Over and over and over again.

"This site is dedicated spreading da word 'bout izzle Slam, da muthas behind that shiznit, da poets who make that shiznit bomb diggity, 'n most importantly, da poetry, know what I'm sayin'? "

I had no idea I knew how to make anything "bomb diggity".  What a revelation!


Oh, you've been makin' it bomb diggity for a while now- you just didn't know it was bomb diggity. What?

Where's my 6666666 picture, D?

Making myself a post-it and stapling it to my forehead for good measure to remind myself to bring in the disk with the pictures on it tomorrow.

>ka-chunk<  (sound of post-it being stapled to forehead)



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