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Ann Arbor Poetry Slam

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Ann Arbor Poetry Slam
« on: April 21, 2015, 10:06:34 AM »
Ann Arbor Poetry Slam
Every Sunday
Silvio's Organic Pizza
 715 N University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Our selection process is as follows:
Every Sunday, we host a [maximum 10-person] slam in which poets have a chance to earn points towards a spot in Grand Slam Finals. The points at each slam are decided by the placement one gets in that given slam [i.e. 1st place in a 10-person slam is 10 points, 2nd place is 5 points, and last place is 1 point. Likewise, 1st place in a 6-person slam is 6 points, 2nd place is 3 points, and last place is 1 point]. Each year fluctuates [we decide at the start of the season], but we accept 10 poets into Finals on points, with the last to slams of the season serving as Last Chance winner-take-all bouts to gain automatic bids into finals regardless of points standings. At finals, after 4 rounds [this year: 12-9-7-6], the top 4 poets made the team [we have no alternate].

Poets are then given 1 week to accept their position on the team. Should they not accept, the spot goes on to the poet who placed next highest by the end of Finals. Once the first official practice takes place, the team is locked. If, for whatever reason, a poet on the team can no longer compete after the first practice has been concluded, the coach or slammaster will fill that role. If, for whatever reason, more poets are unable to compete than administration [i.e. slammasters/coaches] are able to fill with themselves, an open, auxiliary slam will be held to fill in subsequent spots.